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Find out more about the benefits of membership in Maryland Foreign Language Association (MFLA).  

It’s easy to join.  

Did you know that registration for the fall conference is one of the best ways to get a membership?  It’s included in your registration fee.  

In the first webinar, we’ll share the details of this year’s conference, Live Long & Be Proficient: Boldly Explore New Worlds through Language! and tell you how to register.  Pre-registration deadline is September 30th!  

Also, learn about two exciting awards available only to MFLA members.  And you could win one of them – but, only if you’re a member!  

This webinar is not just for new members.  If you’ve been a part of MFLA, join us to find out more about this year’s conference and consider applying for one of the awards.  

See you Tuesday, September 26th, or Wednesday, September 27th, at 4:00 PM (EDT).  Register now!