Refreshed Standards

On behalf of the Standards Collaborative Board, ACTFL is facilitating the process to update our common national standards.  The document reflects the current educational landscape, including Common Core State Standards, College and Career Readiness, 21st century skills, as well as what language educators have learned from more than 15 years of implementing the Standards.

The 2011 report, A Decade of Foreign Language Standards: Impact, Influence, and Future Directions, provided evidence of and support for the following concepts which influenced these proposed revisions:

  • The National Standards are influencing language learning from elementary, through secondary, to postsecondary levels
  • The integrated nature of the five goals areas has been accepted by the profession
  • Educators expressed lack of understanding of what is meant by Connections and Communities
  • Over 40 states have used the five goal areas to create state standards for learning languages (identifiable even if configured in slightly different ways);
  • Some state documents are beginning to describe cultural outcomes in terms of processes of observation and experience
  • Many local curricula are also aligned with the five goal areas

Based on this consensus from all levels of language educators, the five goal areas and the eleven standards have been maintained.  The proposed revisions seek to clarify and better illustrate each goal area and standard in order to guide implementation and influence assessment, curriculum, and instruction.

For your review, we present the refreshed version of the standards along with annotations explaining the rationale for the suggested revisions.