An App for You

Try out some of these cool apps suggested by MFLA board members Erin Cooper, Leslie Grahn, Jeffrey Samuels, and Kim Shinozaki.

Haiku Deck  (Free)
Similar to PowerPoint; quick to use

Halftone  (Free)
Take a photo, add effects, add text, & email it or send it to Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc.

Mental Case Classroom Edition  (Free)
Create flashcards containing images, audio, vocabulary or full written descriptions with many customizable features; practice or distribute them to others

Musée du Louvre  (Free / HD version available for $2.99)
Provides information & images of the museum’s more famous holdings; includes search features, photo galleries, detailed images & a timeline 

Sock Puppets  (Free; upgraded version for $3.99)
Create lip-synched videos & share them;  add puppets, props, scenery, & backgrounds

Sonic Pics  ($2.99)
Similar to Haiku Deck, but allows you to record a voice-over

Stitcher Radio  (Free)
News, comedy, sports, radio, & podcasts from around the world

UDLinks  (Free )
Developed by MSDE to search for resources based on the principles of UDL; search for lesson plans, multimedia, practice, games, or tutorials to engage all learners

Whiteboard  (Free )
Allows you to record voice-over whiteboard tutorials & share them