¡Soy yo!

Featured image via screen capture from embedded video

If you’re a Spanish teacher, and you haven’t heard of Soy yo!, well here it is! Bomba Estéreo, a Colombian electro-cumbia group, recently released the video to their 2015 hit, and the video has gone viral. It is being hailed as an empowerment song with an anti-bullying theme.

It’s perfect for any level and invites a wealth of activities from the Soy yo poems that many of us like to do in our classrooms to in-depth discussions about individually and being brave enough to be ourselves.

Also, the gaita colombiana is featured – not to be confused with the gaita escocés. This musical instrument from the Atlantic coast of Colombia is also featured in much of Carlos Vives’ music.

For more information, here are links to a variety of articles that have come out on the video: