Let’s Celebrate!

The MFLA Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Barbara Sharbaugh, a Spanish teacher at Mt. View Middle School in Howard County, is the 2018 Teacher of the Year.  Barb is a phenomenal teacher who focuses her teaching methodology around a student-centered approach.  She puts a strong emphasis on oral target language communication through interpersonal, interpretive and presentational activities and projects.

One highlight of her outstanding best practices has been her ability to implement literature circles with her Spanish 1 students.  The students read a literary piece in Spanish and converse about what they read all in the target language.  Barb differentiates the literature circles and other activities by scaffolding and providing tiering strategies.  She is a model teacher who considers all learning styles while tailoring her lessons to meet the needs of each of her students.

The Awards Committee was most impressed by Barb’s professional portfolio that included samples of projects, games and activities that were all aligned with and inspired by the World Readiness Standards of Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons and Communities.

In addition, join us in celebrating our other award winners – both teachers and students!