Wonder what happens with those evaluations you’re asked to complete during the MFLA Fall Conference sessions?  Well, we take them very seriously and one use is to identify the “Best of” session to send to the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (NECTFL) held in February in New York City.

This year, on February 8-10, MFLA’s “Best of” was a smash.  Gloria Dempsey (Chesapeake Charter School, Lexington Park, MD) and Crystal Dunkin (St. Mary’s Ryken High School, Leonardtown, MD) had the crowd up and moving in their session, Risky Business: Strategies to Encourage Risk-Taking in the Classroom (note their attire during the presentation).


Here are other MFLA members were also among the other 284 concurrent sessions offered during NECTFL:

Adapt the Task, Not the Text; or, Tier the Text!
Leslie Grahn, Howard County Public Schools (Retired), MD

Authentically Elementary
Christine Reier & Concetta Gallardo, Baltimore County

Bringing Life, Purpose, and Meaning to Your Novice Descriptions Unit
Heather Sherrow, Howard County & Kristen Denton, Baltimore County

Dance With Chinese Characters: Hook Your Students in Character Learning
Joanne Zhang, St. Mary’s County

The POW-er of Formative Assessments
Arlene White, Ed.D., Salisbury University (Retired) & Caroline Mark, Washington County

Teaching on FLEEK! Giving Gen Z-ers What They Need
Kimberley Shinozaki & Jodi Grosser, Baltimore County

And MFLA doesn’t stop with submitting sessions – we get involved, too.  On the NECTFL Board, we have Debbie Espitia and Leslie Grahn, both retired teachers/district coordinators from Howard County Public Schools.  On the NECTFL Advisory Council, Rusty Mumford from Worcester County Public Schools is the MFLA representative and Jim Ventosa of The McDonogh School is an individual member.

And of course, we celebrated Barbara Sharbaugh (Howard County Public Schools), MFLA Language Teacher of the Year, along with the other LTOYs from their respective states and the NECTFL LTOY, Rebecca Aubrey (CT COLT).

If you want to be involved in NECTFL, consider submitting a proposal to present.  The deadline for proposals for NECTFL 2019 is May 4, 2018.  Want help with your proposal?  Contact us and we’ll be glad to assist.